4 Ways to Layer Necklaces [VIDEO]

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You see them on Instagram. You see them on Facebook. 

The Perfectly Styled Layered Necklace Look

You're probably often left wondering...How did they do that? How do I pull that off in the 'real world'? 

Never fear! We're going to show you how to style 4 different necklace looks, using jewelry that's probably already in your closet. 



Tip 1: Twice as Nice 

One of the easiest ways to get that perfect layered look is the wear two of the same necklace. Don't have two of the same necklace? Don't worry! Find two necklaces that are similar. They can be similar in size, color, or style. Work with what you have! In the looks below, the same necklaces are used but in different colors. Long delicate layers (Image 1) give off a different look than the large statement layering (Image 2) but both are fun and fashionable. 

Layered Necklaces with Similar Styles


Layer Necklaces with the same necklace

Tip 2: The Delicate Cycle 

Probably one of the most popular layering styles, try layering delicate pieces on top of each other. Find different lengths but similar stones and colors. In the image below, a crystal collar necklace is paired with a delicate pendant necklacecreating a perfect layered look. 

Delicate Layered Necklaces

Tip 3: Long and Lovely 

Mix short and long necklaces for a sleek look. Did you know that wearing long necklaces can actually make you appear more slender? Who knew! A good mix of long and short is the perfect 'almost Fall' look. Below we paired a choker necklacewith a versatile tie necklace

Black layered necklaces

Tip 4: Pendants Rule! 

Layering pendant necklaces are the perfect way to get a flawless look. It's easy and you usually only need two of them. Select two pendant necklaces with different lengths. Make sure the base color is the same. For example, choose gold or silver. Don't mix them. Layer two pendant necklaces with boho vibes like the first image below or use two pendants and accent it with a focus piece. In the second image, the tassel necklace is a great addition to this pendant look. 

Pendant Necklace Layering

Layered Pendant Necklaces


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