How to Rock a Choker [VIDEO]

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Come follow Kimmie Charming as she takes through some of her favorite chokers in the 7 Charming Sisters jewelry closet, and she helps us learn how to pair them in a simple and still fun way.

Kimmie teaches us a little on how to keep in touch with the decade closes to most of our hearts.... The 90s! By pairing just a chain and choker together, she keeps the vibes of the Naughty Nineties alive!

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LOOK ONE: Simple Gold Chain Necklace Layered with Black Chokers

Kimmie starts off her layering lessons by showing us how to elegantly layer a simple gold chain necklace with a choker and still don’t miss out on any of the rock.

Her first example includes 7 Charming Sister’s Fiona Choker Necklace, which is a simple, cute, triple stranded choker. All the strands are thin and latches in the back with an easy-to-use lobster clasp. While the Fiona Choker Necklace is stylish on its own, Kimmie takes the look to a whole new level by pairing it with our Simplicity Necklace. This simple, gold chain Y-necklace paired with the black choker can turn anyone into the 90’s Babe. This look is perfect for an on-the-go, last minute accessory to throw on, because it matches with almost anything in your closet without making it look like you’re trying hard at all. Black chokers paired with simple gold chain necklaces is the effortless look you need.

This next example that Kimmie Charming rocks is a pairing of a thick, simple black choker necklace in our line, the Marian Choker Necklace. This black velvet beauty is a must-have in your jewelry collect that will make an outfit you dress up in like you’re ready to take whatever the world throws at you on by storm. Kimmie then adds the Rock Steady Necklace, which is just a simple but grand gold collar necklace with a circular pendant. This example is much more bold than Kimmie’s first example, but regardless this look still seems effortless and is still rockin’.


LOOK TWO: Playing with Tie Chokers

Now Kimmie teaches you how to easily rock the tie choker. There’s two ways to style this necklace, so whichever way you like you can rock it. (That’s one of Kimmie’s mantras. If you like it, you rock it!) Using the Ambrosia Necklace in her first example, that comes in black, red, and green, Kimmie ties the choker in a cute and puffy bow slightly off-centered of her face. Keep the ribbon choker smoothed out while you’re tying it into a bow so it looks cute and neat. Be cautious to not get your hair caught in the bow while you’re tying it! The bow won’t look perfect on your first try, and that’s okay! Nobody’s does. Mess with it a little until it looks how you desire. This way of styling gives gives off a simple, polite oldies vibe. The second way that Kimmie teaches us how wear the Ambrosia Necklace is simply taking the bow that you just tied and sliding it to the back of your neck. This gives you the simple, classic choker look with an adorable bow in the back.

In the second example, Kimmie uses the Gone with the Wind Choker to show us how to tie it and wrap it in a stylish way. This choker is actually just one very long, black suede chain with no closure. There’s so many different ways to wear this necklace, which is what makes it so fun. You can tie it, you can let it dangle from your neck, you can bow it, you can double loop it. Every way you choose to style the Gone with the Wind Choker is a cute way!


LOOK THREE: Choker Necklaces with Pendants

It’s so easy to rock a choker with a pendant, plain and simple like that, because the pendant adds an added spice to the choker without having to add on more layers. Chokers with pendants are such a cute look.

The first example that Kimmie shows us is the Robin Choker Necklace, which is a layered necklace with only one clasp. This double chained necklace, with a black choker and a thin chained pendant necklace attached, gives you the layered look without the hassle of having to layer anything at all! Another way to dial up the drama would be if you have a simple pendant necklace, you can throw on a choker with it to mock the cute look of the Robin Choker Necklace.

In the next example, Kimmie uses the First Frost Necklace, which you can buy in clear, blue, or pink. This cute and dainty, thin, black choker has an adorable crystal, ball-shaped pendant hanging off of it. You can rock this look with no other accessories, because the color detail in the crystal adds the last needed spark of flare and sparkle.

Watch the full cut video now by visiting our YouTube How to Style Choker Video! 

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