How to Wear Statement Necklaces [VIDEO]

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Category: Jewelry

Statement jewelry is more popular than ever. Loud statement pieces dominated New York Fashion Week for 2017 - That's all well and good for models...But how do WE pull off one of the hottest looks of the season?

Watch our short 4 minute video on how to wear statement necklaces (like a real person).



We've summarized the tips below: 

1. Select the Right Neckline: Generally speaking, necklines should be higher to showcase the statement. If you're going to wear a v-neck wear a smaller statement necklace.

2. Watch your Proportions: Don't wear a large statement necklace on your bare skin. Ensure there is a good skin to necklace ratio :)

3. Wear Stud Earrings: Don't allow your jewelry to compete - Wear one statement piece only.

4.  Unbuttoned Shirts = Small Statement: Always wear a smaller statement under an unbuttoned shirt. 

5. Buttoned Shirts = Large Statement: Opt for a larger, v-shaped statement necklace when you rock a buttoned up shirt. 

6. Add a Pop of Color: Add a contrasting color pop to your look. Use the color wheel to find two opposite colors and pair accordingly. Want more pop inspiration? Read our pop of color blog. 

Color Wheel Contrasting Colors

7. Layer it On: Stack similar style necklaces or coordinating colors to create a layered look. Looking to mix and match? Read our recent blog about how to mix jewelry metals flawlessly. 

Watch the full video for style inspiration! Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to our blog!