Top 3 Nature Inspired Necklaces

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Category: Jewelry

As Spring weather is upon us, it's hard to not feel a new sense of inspiration from the change of season. Warm temperatures, sunshine, green grass, blue skies, and picturesque sunsets bring in a refreshing new jolt of energy to our daily lives and of our fashion choices. ‘Tis the season to trade dark and dreary for bold pops of color, ladies. And to make it easy, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite statement necklaces inspired by Mother Nature herself. Here are our top three picks:

Jewelry Fit for the Tropics

Our Go Forth and Mingle Necklace carries us away to a tropical paradise with its bright marbled oranges, warm pops of yellow and rich emerald tones. Complete with tear drop shaped jewels and a gold chain, it’s the perfect accessory for any summer day. Throw this statement necklace on over everything from a plain tee to a cocktail dress.  It will have you fantasizing about margaritas on the beach in no time. Cheers! 

Go Forth and Mingle Necklace

Ocean Blue Bib

Let the cool ocean blues wash over you in our Breathtaking Beneficiary Necklace. This jeweled bib statement necklace is the perfect mix of rich hues, silver metal details, and in a semi-circle wave shape that mimics ocean waves lapping on the shore. Take a dip in this statement necklace for a refreshing new addition to your spring wardrobe.

Breathtaking Beneficiary Necklace

Rainbow Statement Necklace

Spring is the perfect time to take chances with unexpected pops of color, and we couldn’t think of a better wow statement than our Affinity for Bling Necklace. Large multi-colored rainbow stones paired with chic gold and black details make this a must-have accessory to instantly brighten your day. 

Affinity for Bling Necklace

Like what you see? Shop these nature inspired necklaces and the rest of our Make a Statement Collection below. Why? Because Mother Nature said so.