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Thanks to our friend Tiffany Beverlin, CEO of Dreams Recycled and writer for Mogul for featuring our story! Learn from our owner Kimberly Marek what you need to succeed as an entrepreneur (and how to keep your sanity)!

Her blog is below - Read on and visit Tiffany's website for more awesome content! 

I absolutely love the story of my next entrepreneur Kimberly Marek, and her six “sisters”. No Kim is not one of 7 actual sisters, but she is along with her six female work colleagues, the owner of 7 Charming Sisters. Her story is heart warming to say the least. These 6 women, already shared a special bond, all dedicating their life to helping and working in the field of adult disabilities and mental health. They saw firsthand, how hard it was to find employment for these special individuals.

Instead of resigning themselves to this fact, they set about trying to be the change. They started on a small scale teaching the adults, to make jewelry, which they then sold on a website. Their goal was to help the adults with disabilities, find independence. They were excited that not only was the jewelry selling, but the demand was growing, and they were seeing the positive results in the adults as they became more independent, through their employment.

Kimberly and her 7 Charming Sisters brand has continued to grow, and they now intermingle their jewelry line from the adults with disabilities, with other jewelry they now design and make, to keep up with demand. What is also very cool about this unique jewelry line is that each “sister” has her own persona, which has then been translated into an entire line of jewelry, so from all American girl, to social butterfly, to executive, to fashionista, they really have something for every women.

Kimberly, what are you three tips for success in online business?

  • Really try to understand SEO, it isn’t just building a website and hoping people will come, but really understand how traffic is driven by SEO, backlinks etc. The online space is unique and takes a different kind of marketing than bricks and mortar.
  • Never give up, it will be hard and uncomfortable to fail at certain things, learn to pivot and adjust your passion as you go. Expect as a female in business to have things “mansplained” to you, ignore, be resilient and push forward no matter what.
  • Use your analytics, the online space gives us data that we all must use to adjust and respond to. Expand in areas that you see heavy traffic perhaps phase out those that you have little engagement in.

Kimberly juggles her partnership, marriage, and motherhood to two boys, by prioritizing “me” time. She tries to fit in 15 minutes of yoga each morning and night. Her biggest advice is to make lists, lists of daily weekly and long-term goals. It allows her to really focus, and increase productivity in her busy life. Kimberly is a wonderful example of walking the walk, by her career helping disabled adults, but she is an incredible example of channeling her passion to create a purpose-driven company, that helps so many live a more fulfilling, independent life.

Kimberly Marek is the founder, owner, and Chief Creative Officer of 7 Charming Sisters. Prior to starting 7 Charming Sisters, she worked in disability services for 10 years. She is an advocate for women in business and people of all backgrounds having equal employment opportunities. She resides in in Virginia with her two young sons, husband, and two rescue dogs

Check out the original article by Tiffany Ann Beverlin here and let us know what you think! 


About the Author: Tiffany Ann Beverlin is a mommy, writer for, and creator of Dreams Recycled. Inspired by Tiffany's personal story, Dreams Recycled is a marketplace that specializes in selling goods from one’s divorce. Today, the site consists of blogs, secondary divorce services directory and “community zones” to assist the divorce community. She has been featured on AOL News, FOX News, CBS News - Follow her on twitter @DreamsRecycled