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Fanatic For Fringe: How Fringe is Taking Over Fashion

Making a bold statement usually goes one of two ways, either people accept your wise words as if you’re a prophet or you’ll get looks making it clear you’ve worn out welcome. However, we don’t always need words to make our bold announcement. Same can be done with clothes and accessories!

For many of us ladies, we are aware of what is considered fashion and what is labeled a flop. However, with the help of designers and stylists, we are able to see what’s hot and what’s not.

For many Fall collections, designers flocked towards trending pieces that added flare and movement to their runway shows. Fringe made a huge appearance as designers, such as Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Mara Hoffman included fringe on clothing, along with fringed accessories.

Be sure you’re ready to jump on board by adding a new necklace that incorporates fringe and other movement into your collection. 7 Charming Sisters features the Conversation Starter, which is perfect to fit into the fringe mania. This piece offers the movement and creative freedom of fringe while continuing to provide an elegant appeal to any outfit.  Pair this piece with clean lines, such as a fitted knit top and A-line skirt. To add a creative touch, broaden your look by layering this piece on top of a patterned sweater. This necklace also works well when paired with the business look of a blazer; however, it will also make a statement when matched with your favorite cocktail dress.  

 Fringe Necklace - 7 Charming SistersEven the Spring collections incorporate a seventies vibe as fringe is added throughout the styles. Designers attribute this trend to adding freedom and movement to the clothes, allowing an extra creative outlet for those who wear it. Fringe will be found making the move into the warmer months to come by popping up on tanks, skirts, and even the itty bitty bikinis.

Take advantage of any trend that allows you creative freedom to add movement to both your wardrobe and accessories. After all, life is so much sweeter when we get to have fun living it!