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How To: Ring Sizing At Home

Ever wonder what your ring size is? Tired of going to the store to get it checked? Luckily, 7 Charming Sister has made it easy for you to find out your ring size. All you need is a printer that is set to print at the standard 8.5x11 size. 

If you’re buying a new ring and you’re unsure of what size your finger is, use this helpful guide to purchase the correct ring size. 

Already have a ring that fits you perfectly? Print out our sizing guide and place the ring on the guide. 

Don’t have a ring? Never fear! Just print out the 7 Charming Sisters easy-use finger ruler. After printing, cut out the ring sizer ruler and wrap it around your ring finger. Be sure not to wrap it too tightly or else you won’t get the correct measurement, same goes for wrapping it too loosely. If your finger seems to be perfectly between two of the measurement slips, then go for the bigger one. Note where the most accurate slit is, and voila! You know your ring size. 

Our sizing guide will help with bracelets too. Stretch your fingers out and fold your thumb gently over your palm, so it is touching your pinky finger. Simply wrap the ruler around the thickest part of your hand, which is at the base of the knuckle. Find your measurement and gauge how loose or tight you would like for your bracelet to fall. If you like your bracelets snug, use your exact measurements. Give a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch if you want your bracelet to hang looser. Keep in mind that statement bracelets may naturally fit a little tighter.

If you ever need help, just shoot us an email. We’re your sisters and we always have your back (and your fingers and wrists).