3 Ways to Style Midi Rings

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
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Midi rings are a fun trend to play with, and the options are endless. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know how much is too much right? Well we’re here to give you a hand (no pun intended) with three simple ways on how to style midi-rings. Here we go!

Style #1: Triangle Stack 

Gold bar cuff ring


We call this one The Gold Standard. It’s the classic stack for midi-ring layering. This triangle shape allows the arrangement to feel balanced yet non-traditional. For this look, we started with the Don’t Wait Up Ring, a gold bar cuff ring that features a stunning pointed baguette belted with a row of sparkling rhinestones on a double cuff band. This pieces adds geometry and depth. On the second finger, we chose the Charged Up Ring. This ring is an adjustable open faced crystal ring band with opalescent crystal accents, which is a perfect pop of cool color. Next up, is the Egyptian Angles Ring stack. This geometric set is simple yet adds a little more visual interest with geometric angles without being too distracting.

Style #2: Straight Line Stack

Gold leaf stacking ring set


If you walk a fine line and want a straight across simple midi ring look, this one’s for you. We’ve paired three rings that compliment each other well, in gold tones with a pop of rich red. First up, is our Festival of Rings. We pulled one of the three rings that come in this gold leaf stacking ring set. It adds a bohemian touch to a glam grouping. Next up is the Beyond Chic Ring from the set of 3. This jewel-toned ruby red ring has a thick gold band with an emerald stone cut. To round out this layering, we chose a classic simple band from our Elegant Expectations Ring Set

Style #3: Upside-Down Triangle Stack

Pearl bar cocktail ring


We like to call this stack The Piece of Cake, because of its shape and its simplicity in color and shape. It feels edgy while still feeling balanced. We started off with our silver double banded Headliner Ring that encircle the finger for a delicate and edgy look. Next up, on the second finger is our statement piece: The City Girl Ring. This pearl bar cocktail ring is classic with an unexpected edge. Next up, is a band from the Femme Fatale Ring set. This silver band is antique inspired with crystal accents, which adds a touch of glam to the stack.


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