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Jewelry is something every girl needs, especially when traveling. I love traveling but I'm not a big fan of packing. Who is? Don't you hate it when you arrive at your destination and all the necklaces are tangled, you can't find your favorite earrings and when you find them, there's one missing? I'm sure you don't like that either and below are 3 simple tricks which will keep you organized with things that we all already have in our home.

Necklaces, keep them organized by pulling each necklace through a straw. The plastic will keep them in place and you won't have to deal with tangled necklaces ever gain.

Earrings, insert them into a button and you won't have to search for them. I love that idea because it keeps the pairs in one place.

Bracelets, a toilet paper roll is just the perfect thing to keep your precious bracelets organized. Just pull them over the roll.

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