Storing Your Jewelry

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Store it Properly

Store the Jewelry Properly

Since heat and light impact jewelry, proper storage plays a key role in maintaining the shape and beauty of your accessories. Use a jewelry organizer that has doors or drawers to keep the jewelry out of the light. Organize the jewelry based on the shape and design of the organizer or jewelry box so that rings are in one place, earrings are in another area and necklaces or bracelets hang from hooks to prevent tangling. Close the jewelry box or organizer and place it in a cool area of the room. Never put the jewelry box near a heater or in direct sunlight to prevent any damages from heat or light.

Caring for your jewelry by keeping it cool and clean ensures that it will last for years. You want to clean your jewelry whenever it shows signs of tarnishing or when dirt gets into the crevices. When you are not wearing the jewelry, store it in a safe and cool location to ensure that it will not wear out over time.