Fashion Bloggers We’re Loving This Spring!

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Our jewelry is inspired by real women everywhere! Out of the millions of blogs out there we had to pick our favorite fashion bloggers for the spring season. We thought it would be easy, but it definitely wasn’t! Here’s our list narrowed down from 1,000 to 20! Enjoy!

Emily, Ivory Lane

7 Charming Sisters presents Ivory Lane blog, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Ivory Lane
Emily knows what it's like to grow up with sisters! She has three, and in a family full of women it’s no wonder she has great style! We're totally digging the family vibes. Check out our resident super mom here!

Ashley, The Teacher Diva

7 Charming Sisters presents The Teacher Diva, spring fashion
Photo Credit: The Teacher Diva & Mary Summer Hafner
If anyone knows about affordable fashion, it's Ashley. Not only does she feature stylish clothing options at a price we can all afford, but she is also super relatable!

Gabi, GabiFresh 

7 Charming Sisters presents Gabi Fresh, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Gabi Fresh
All we can say is QUEEN!! Girl Boss Gabi works it day and night, not to mention the love, body positivity, and empowerment she spreads to women everywhere! Read some our words of inspiration here!

McKenna, McKennaBleu

7 Charming Sisters presents McKenna Bleu, spring fashion
Photo Credit: McKenna Bleu and Reality & Retrospect 
We don't trust anyone who doesn't have fun with fashion, and McKenna takes fun to the next level. When we see McKenna's colorful and stylish outfits pop up on our Instagram feed, we can't help but be transported to the perfect place with candy-pink skies!

Keiko Lynn, KeikoLynn

7 Charming Sisters presents Keiko Lynn, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Keiko Lynn and Pale Girl Photography
In an industry full of trends, it's nice to see a blogger who stays true to their own style roots. And, yes, we have spent hours browsing her blog from super informative beauty tutorials to sassy and stylish outfit inspirations.

Emily, Cupcakes & Cashmere

7 Charming Sisters presents Cupcakes and Cashmere, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Cupcakes & Cashmere 
Need some outfit ideas? Looking to plan a holiday? Or even want to remodel that spare room you've had on your list for the last year? Look no further, because Emily is the go-to girl!! And if you can't get enough on her blog, we suggest her book too. :)

Jessi, The Darling Detail

7 Charming Sisters presents The Darling Detail, spring fashion
Photo Credit: The Darling Detail and Jordan Afshin
Well, what can we say, the name fits! Love following Jessi’s fashion antics but find yourself buying every piece of clothing, shoes, and accessories she features? Yes… we have the same problem too! Cheers!

Kathleen, Carrie Bradshaw Lied

7 Charming Sisters presents Carrie Bradshaw Lied, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Carrie Bradshaw Lied and Vincent Elejorde
We totally agree that Carrie Bradshaw lied about how effortless it is to be fabulous in today's world, and we're so glad Kathleen is here to help! We love this all-American girl with southern hospitality and So-Cal style! Take a peek at our own all-American and bohemian styles here!

Kate, The Small Things

7 Charming Sisters presents The Small Things, fashion and lifestyle blog
Photo Credit: The Small Things
We’re plentiful in pins and likes for Kate's hair and makeup tutorials and affordable fashion! So if you haven't come across Kate, you probably have been living under a rock! Enough said.

Liz, Late Afternoon

7 Charming Sisters presents Late Afternoon, fashion and lifestyle blog
Photo Credit: Late Afternoon
We agree with Liz that late afternoon is also our favorite time of day! What's better than unwinding with your family after a long work day or scrolling through Liz's colorful feed? 

Kimberly, Eat Sleep Wear

7 Charming Sisters presents Eat Sleep Wear, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Eat Sleep Wear and Felicia Lasala
No surprise here! Kimberly's love for accessories, eyewear, and clothing is something all of us have in common! Need some help finding your own personal style - take our quiz here!

Caitlin, Dash of Darling

7 Charming Sisters presents Dash of Darling, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Dash of Darling
Total style god Caitlin is absolutely adorable! We love her feminine and affordable clothing, but also love her more personal posts too! She shares details of her IVF experiences and marriage, which is empowering and inspiring to real women!

Meggan and Brooke, Somewhere Lately

7 Charming Sisters presents Somewhere Lately, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Somewhere Lately
If you love deals, you'll love Somewhere Lately where you get two for one! Bloggers Brooke and Meggan team up to give your closet a boost!

Maria, Mia Mia Mine

7 Charming Sisters presents Mia Mia Mine, fashion and lifestyle blog
Photo Credit: Mia Mia Mine
We can definitely stand behind a fashionista whose blog is named for the name her grandmother gave her! So adorable, and we're loving the Spanish influence in her style!

Courtney, Color Me Courtney

7 Charming Sisters presents Color Me Courtney, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Color Me Courtney
Courtney's colorful and bright signature style and gorgeous smile are just some of the many things about this zany New Yorker we covet!

Audrey, Putting Me Together

7 Charming Sisters presents Putting Me Together, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Putting Me Together
Audrey is our it-girl this spring for sure! Audrey has us envying her wardrobe capsules that keep us very stylish, put together (hehe- no pun intended), and within budget. WIN! Check out Audrey's favorite 7 Charming Sisters jewelry pieces here!

Alyson, Sequins and Things

7 Charming Sisters presents Sequins and Things, spring fashion
Photo Credit: Sequins & Things and Kaylee Labor Photography
How gorgeous is Alyson?! Paired with perfect hair and perfect outfits, we have fallen in love with her! Speaking of perfect pairs check out our on post perfectly paired cocktails and cocktail rings here! 

Geneva, A Pair & A Spare

7 Charming Sisters presents A Pair and A Spare, fashion, DIY, travel and lifestyle blog
Photo Credit: A Pair & A Spare
Thi is our favorite go-to blog! Geneva's has everything under the sun- fashion inspiration, sewing tips, decor ideas, and much, much more!

Tanesha, Girl With Curves

7 Charming Sisters presents Girl With Curves, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog
Photo Credit: Girl With Curves
Why haven't we seen more of Tanesha?! We love her smile, beauty, and style and agree she should be on billboards EVERYWHERE!

Leena, With Love Leena

7 Charming Sisters presents With Love Leena, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog
Photo Credit: With Love Leena
Leena is a labor and delivery nurse and an aspiring nurse practitioner. Not only do we love Leena's fashion advice, but she also reminds us to eat healthily and gives us great tips on doing so!