Jamie Brewer's (American Horror Story) 5 Tips for Living Out Loud

Here’s my list for what I do in my life for living a positive life. So I guess it’s like my “Living My Life Out Loud” tips.

  1. Try and say “Hi” and ‘smile’ at the same time, to as many people in one day as you possibly can! It gives you a really, really good feeling.
  2. Listen, really listen, to who is talking to you. You might get a “WOW Moment” in understanding a different point of view. Something you may not have ever thought of  before.
  3. Listen to only feel good songs (nothing sad) for 1 hour in morning!! It sets my day to “Happy Mode”!!
  4. Always use your voice to ask for help when you need it, no matter how small or big the question.
  5. Always find and wear 7 Charming Sisters jewelry that will put you in a good mood, like I do with my “Chain Your Look” earrings! 

About the Author: Jamie Brewer is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story. She is an advocate for people with disabilities. She has her own jewelry collection which can be found here. Read more about Jamie Brewer in our exclusive interview here. Follow her on Twitter @MsJamieBrewer