Growing up, I used to love Wonder Woman. Beautiful, strong, and with an infallible moral compass, I admired her unwavering dedication to truth and justice.

I also really liked the way she looks. I mean, the woman is seriously sexy and at the same time seriously strong. All things considered, in the days before the Kardashians, Wonder Woman was a great role model for a young girl. To be honest, she still is. How many times can you say your style saved your life and fought off crime? But Wonder Woman has it all figured out. Her accessories don’t just enhance her look; they’re also super functional. Her tiara doubles as a lethal boomerang. And those aren't just bracelets she’s wearing. They’re weapons that can generate powerful concussive forces that can halt armies. Plus, they’re bulletproof, which is always handy when you make a living fighting the bad guys. In short, her accessories are action-packed emblems of what Wonder Woman is all about.

But I digress. Long story short, as I grew up, the notion of leading a double life as a scantily clad super hero faded into the background. Eventually, I fell in love and got married. Now, I’m a mother to seven children. And my husband often lovingly refers to me as the “Super Mom.”

The other day, when I was simultaneously helping my eldest kid with a homework assignment, cooking a pot roast, and soothing my daughter who’d just scraped her knee while playing in the yard, it occurred to me that I actually have a lot in common with Wonder Woman—and that I really am a Super Mom!

1. Wonder Woman possesses incredible physical and mental health. While my physical strength is nothing out of the ordinary, my mental strength allows me to find ways to be there for each of my children. They all have unique needs and require attention in their own unique ways.

2. Wonder Woman is known for her stamina—but I’m pretty sure I’m a match for her. As a working mother, I combine 50-hour workweeks with preparing meals, shuttling kids all over town, and helping out with endless homework projects. Most days, I don’t get to bed until well after midnight—and then I’m up again with my youngest at around five in the morning.

3. Wonder Woman has enhanced senses and divine wisdom. When it comes to my kids, so do I. I know instinctively if something’s wrong with one of them, no matter when or where. And for some reason, when they come to me, I always have just the right tidbit of wisdom to share.

4. In addition, just like Wonder Woman fights to make the world a better place, I too fight each day to make sure seven people are thriving and growing into their full potential.

5. Finally, Wonder Woman is known for her power-infused, magical jewelry. But on this point, I’m 100 percent sure I kick her butt! Because no matter my schedule is like, I always have the perfect accessories to look great. I can spruce up a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit with the “Must-Have Jewelry Set.” Watching my son’s soccer game? Wearing my favorite “Family First Earrings” with a simple turtleneck gives me a sleek, sophisticated look. And on those rare occasions that my husband and I get to go on a date together, my “Stay All Day Bracelet” complements every sleeveless dress or blouse.

Being a Super Mom is being a Wonder Woman to your children. You keep going until all their needs are met. You have the power to make the hurt go away with a hug, kiss, and sometimes a Band-Aid. You sense what they’re feeling and can offer wisdom to help them navigate life. In short, you are their super hero! 

About the Author: Super Mom Melissa is a mom to 7 (yes 7) wonderful kids. She enjoys sports and spending time with family and friends. See more of the Super Mom line only from 7 Charming Sisters.