You Paid What?!? How do Moms Find Fabulous at an Affordable Price?

So I walk into South Moon Under - I love the store; it’s fashionable and hip. And not like Abercrombie in the 90’s (am I showing my age here?) but like its clean and the music isn’t too loud. I see other 30-somethings there, it just feels right.

I spot a dress I love. It has sparkles and sequins and it’s pink. It’s right before Christmas and I’m thinking this will be the perfect dress for me to wear…(pause and realize I actually don’t have anywhere to wear it).

Nonsense! I own a jewelry company, I can certainly find a reason to wear a pink sparkle dress. Right?

I look at the price tag and literally laugh out loud. It was $400+ dollars. Sure. Let me just write a personal check for this pink dress (that recall I don’t have a REAL reason to buy it). Insert sarcasm here.

Disappointed, I look to some gloves. Surely I can get a pair and feel like I’ve accomplished something on this visit - $60 - for gloves. I’m an Amazon Prime mom and I know I’ve seen the same ones there for 12 bucks. Damn it!

Why is everything so damn expensive!?

I was then driven to look at their fashion jewelry. I’m in the same business space so why not snoop around. They were charging $70 for a beaded wrap bracelet that we are selling for $23.


They were the Exact. Same. Bracelets.

What kind of garbage is this??? I literally couldn't sleep at night if I set prices that high.

We have 2 kids, 2 cars, and 2 dogs. If I spent 70 bucks on bracelets, something would have to go!  Hmmm, now what would it be...

Fashion should be affordable. Hell, I don’t actually care about fashion in the regular sense. I care about feeling good about myself, feeling confident and put together. When I wear my accessories I feel good. Period. Think that’s shallow? Maybe. But it’s how I roll and I’m comfortable with that. #KanyeShrug

So having affordable price points was at the core of what we are doing here. That ‘damn girl, you look good’ feeling you get when you see yourself in the mirror rocking a sparkly statement necklace and perfect brows should be available to everyone.

This is what we’ve done to separate ourselves from the other fashion jewelry brands in terms of price:

          *High quality at an affordable price

          *Free shipping over $25

          *We work with some of the same vendors as our competitors and they charge 5x    the price we do. No, really. We actually wrote another blog on it. You can find it HERE. Can you tell which one is in fact the EXACT same necklace? Whoops, there is a hint right there :)

How do we get our prices so low? We have a commitment to women and we’d rather see women feel great over price gouging.

We want to create a community that’s built on trust and communication.

Sound like something you’re into? Don’t want to  have to pick between buying groceries and buying fashion accessories? You’re in the right place!

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About the Author: Kimmie is one of the 7 Charming Sisters. She is the ‘Life of the Party’ sister and is easily distracted by shiny things. See some of her favorite shiny things here. She lives in Virginia with her husband, sons, and dog. She enjoys eating, drinking wine, working with rescue dogs, and wearing leggings and sweatpants.