7 Ways You're Ruining Your Jewelry

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Does your fashion or fine jewelry get tarnished or broken? Chances are you're causing those annoying jewelry fails (gasp!). Read on to find out what you're doing wrong and most importantly, how to stop it! 

1. Resting Time: The number one cause of jewelry fails is jewelry overuse. This allows dirt and chemicals to build on both costume and real jewelry.  In order to keep your gems in tip top shape, take them off and let them breathe. Your jewelry gets a workout being worn daily. Consider giving your favorite stacking rings a rest day!

2. Exposure to Sunlight: Gone outside all day and noticed your wrist has turned green under your bracelet? This is common when jewelry is exposed to sunlight. If you’re spending long periods of time in direct sunlight, leave the jewelry at home. Also, store your items properly at home. Don’t place jewelry by a window. Instead, keep your jewelry in a jewelry organizer or box.

Jewelry Exposed To Sunlight

3. Beauty Products. Hair spray, perfume, lotions and other beauty products are harmful to jewelry! When jewelry has contact with a chemical containing products, jewelry can break down.  This will wear away the finish, as well as create a film that can dull anysparkle.

 Beauty Products Harmful For Jewelry

4. Getting Wet. Water is abrasive and damages jewelry over time with tarnish and rust. Remember to remove jewelry when washing your hands. Skip going swimming with that delicate gold chain necklace. Both chlorine and salt water can damage your favorite pieces. Avoiding water will also prevent you from losing it in the sink or pool! If your jewelry does get wet, be sure to pat it dry as prongedcrystal jewelry can easily snag on towels.

Jewelry in Water

5. Jewelry Cleaning. It might seem strange, but use caution when cleaning your jewelry.  Clean your jewelry once a month with a microfiber cloth to avoid buildup and residue. If you're deep cleaning jewelry, be careful with chemicals. Leaving jewelry in cleaner or tarnish remover for too long can make your jewelry look worse. Here are some extended instructions on how to clean your jewelry

Cleaning Jewelry - 7 Charming Sisters

 6. Your Clothes. That’s right, we said it. Your clothing can ruin your jewelry (we’re looking at you sweaters). Fuzzy sweaters and knit scarves can snag on your jewelry, loosening prongs. Avoid these items if possible, and you will save your jewelry and your favorite knits. Want to wear your favorite sweater? Follow these tips on our blog about how to accessorize sweaters without snags

7. Household Chores. Leaving your jewelry on while cleaning will damage all jewelry. Never let cleaning chemicals touch your jewelry. These chemicals tarnish the jewelry and can destroy the rhinestones. A good rule of thumb: If you don’t want it to touch your eyes, don’t let it touch your jewelry.

Household Chemical Harmful For Jewelry


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