7 Tips on Traveling With Jewelry

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Jewelry is a fashion essential. Period. 

Here are some helpful tips on traveling with jewelry. When the time comes, you’ll be packed and ready to go without breaking or losing your favorite baubles!

Tips for Traveling With Jewelry

Tip #1: Leave your high emotional and monetary value pieces at home. For leisure travel, the key is to be relaxed and worry free.  Unless they are essential for an outfit for a special trip event with the hubby, let it be. 

Bring the Right Jewelry

Tip #2: Stick with neutral and versatile pieces. Bring with jewelry that will coordinate with multiple outfits. Gold hoops are perfect for dressing up your lobes, and a chain link or pendant necklace is a great choice for everyday leisure wear.

Choosing the Right Jewelry

Tip #3: Accessorize for your activities. Bohemian style jewelry works perfectly for summer beach trips.  Jewelry made from natural materials such as wood, stone, and shell are great options as they won’t tarnish in salt water.Bohemian style jewelry

Tip #4: Plan your outfits in advance. Lay out your outfits and pick out jewelry to pair with each outfit.  

Planning Outfits

Tip #5: Substitute wedding rings with a less expensive version. If your wedding ring is flashy, you might want to leave it at home and substitute it for a less expensive band.  If you still want the look of a glitzy diamond, consider a center stone ring.

center stone ring(via Emitations)

Tip #6: Pack your jewelry safely to prevent tangling. Consider investing in a travel jewelry case with multiple compartments, it will keep your jewelry free from tangling and damage.

travel jewelry case

Tip # 7: Bring statement necklaces and earrings to dress up simple clothing.Costume jewelry is inexpensive and trendy, so it won’t break the bank if it is lost or damaged in travel. Throw in a bohemian statement necklace and tassel earringsto dress up your most basic travel outfits.

Basic Travel Outfit

Pro-Tip: Keep necklace chains from tangling by slipping one end through a drinking straw, then closing the clasp!

Hacks to stop tangled chains

Do you have any packing tips for us? Leave your tips below in the comments! Safe travels, ladies! 


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