Hard Choices for a Super Mom

As moms we have to make the hard choices. 

We try to lead with what’s best for our kids and family and have to deal with the consequence that the ‘best’ choice may not be the first choice for ourselves. 

I know that all moms can relate.

Our resident Super Mom, Melissa was faced with such a decision. She was presented with a work opportunity that would permit her to work exclusively from home and be more available to her 7 children.  The flip side? She would need to walk away from the company she helped build – 7 Charming Sisters

What did she do? 

Just like any mom, she did what was best for her family. She made the hard choice to earn less and leave us but have more time with her family and work from home.  How many of us have had to make difficult decisions before? My guess is all of us. 

What did we do? 

We did what any real sisterhood would do – We supported the hell out of her.

Melissa will always be part of our Sisterhood. Our wish for her is that she soars, higher than she’d ever imagined. 

Real family isn’t something that leaves. It’s always with you, whether you like it or not.

We embrace Melissa, we support her decision, and she will always have a place with us.

Making hard choices is part of being a mom

Having a group of women to support you when you make those hard choices is, well, lucky. We think it’s something every woman should have but we know all too often, that’s not the case. 

So, what now? 

We thought long and hard about what to do next. Do we change our name? Remove the Super Mom Collection all together? After all, it’s pretty super having 7 kids, surely we won’t find another real Super Mom.  

Removing the collection just wouldn’t be fair to our customers. The Super Mom collection is one of our most popular so to remove it didn’t feel right. 

We believe in following our hearts, and our heart led us to someone that has been here all along…

We looked to Sylvia. Sylvia is a mother of 2 beautiful children and the 7 Charming Sisters Style Connoisseur (Buyer). She has been with us since we opened in 2015 and was the perfect fit for the ‘new’ sister. In fact, she has worked with us in some capacity for many years. 

When I asked Sylvia to be the ‘new’ Super Mom, her reply astounded me. She very quickly replied – 

But I’m not a Super Mom

What? She was a single mom for several years prior to marrying recently and having a beautiful baby girl. She put her family first (just like all of us). I didn’t get it, she was Super, right? 

And then it hit me…

As moms we are too hard on ourselves. You don’t need 7 kids to be a Super Mom. What is a Super Mom anyways?  Is it an unrealistic aspiration? Is it unfair pressure to put on ourselves? The answer is yes. Yes, it is unfair.

Starting today we are reclaiming ourselves.

Being a Super Mom is whatever you want it to be. Being super is found in the day to day, it’s showing up, it’s your personal best. And even when you don’t reach your personal best, damn it you tried. We’re tired of labels and comparisons. 

Join me in welcoming Sylvia as the new Super Mom. 
Join me in recognizing ALL moms as Super. 
Join me in saying the competition between mothers, dog moms, cat moms, any kind of mom is over – this is the official memo. 

You’ll see some changes on our website in the next few months. We will be adding Sylvia throughout the site and making some tweaks. We hope you like what you see. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. Comment below or reach us on any of our social media accounts. 


Kimmie and the 7 Charming Sisters 


About the Author: Kimmie is the Chief Creative Officer at 7 Charming Sisters and resident Life of the Party. She enjoys looking at sparkly objects and writing about motherhood, life, and jewelry. She lives in Virginia with her husband, two young sons and two rescue dogs. She loves drinking wine, wearing yoga pants, and hugging dogs. Did we mention she loves dogs? DOGS!