There's No Such Thing as a Super Mom

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Let’s face it, being a mom is HARD 

Like really hard

Mother and Daughter

Dog mom, child mom, mom of multiples - it’s all hard.  

We speak to women from all over the U.S. about the pressures of motherhood and here’s what we’ve found: 

       I Don’t Have Time for Myself: Somewhere along the parenting line, I lost my sense of self. I give, give, give and frankly, I don’t know how much of me is left. 

       It’s Impossible to Keep up with Expectations: The pressure to be the “perfect” Pinterest mom is too much. Everything from children’s birthday parties to school functions, it’s exhausting. Simply put, I’m tired

Sound Familiar? 

We can relate. We all try to lead with what’s best for our family and have to deal with the consequence that the ‘best’ choice may not be the first choice for ourselves personally. 

Ouch. Cue the sad and emotional music…

So what now? What can we do as women to build ourselves up and reclaim ourselves? The first step is starting with the man in the mirror (well, woman). Pour a glass of wine, put on your comfy pants and let’s have an honest look…at ourselves. 

As moms, we are too hard on ourselves  We (or society) expect too much. It’s an unrealistic expectation, it’s an unfair pressure we put on ourselves. Our advice, Let that Sh*t Go. 

Seriously, drop it like a hot pan. 

Drop it like a bagel with a spider stuck in the cream cheese. 

Drop it like that friend you blocked on Facebook because they are WAY too political. 

You get the idea…

Relax with your kids

After you’ve let go, give to yourself. Not because you work hard for the money (well, maybe) but because you deserve it and a replenished ‘you’ yields full and happy children. Kimberly once wrote about the importance of listening to yourself, after all, you know you best. Whatever works for you, do it. 

Extra long bubble bath - go for it. 

Glass of wine in the evening - pour on. 

Getting yourself something special - swipe that card girl. 

Mom having fun

That’s part of why we started 7 Charming Sisters - We wanted to deliver affordable fashion to moms everywhere who have A LOT to do. We promise versatile pieces as Wal-Mart prices. Our Super Mom jewelry collection is just that - Effortless and Affordable. 

We’ve actually been criticized for our Super Mom collection. We’ve heard, that being a Super Mom isn’t a realistic expectation and we shouldn’t perpetuate those unrealistic standards. Well, we’ve got a secret for you…

There's No Such Thing as a Super Mom
Every Mom is Super - Every. Single. One. 
Starting today, we reclaim ourselves - Join us. 

A Super Mom is whatever works for you. It’s found in the day to day, it’s showing up, it’s your personal best that day. We’re tired of the labels and comparisons:  

We wanted to create something realistic. 

We wanted to create something attainable. 

We wanted to create something that works for school functions, play dates, and nights out (as rare as they might be). 

Mom features the Super Mom Collection

The Super Mom collection is just that - it’s affordable and effortless (kind of the opposite of life). It’s healthy and essential to give to yourself. The benefit of this collection is you can give back to yourself and not have the guilt of doing so since it’s so affordable.  

See for yourself. See the collection that Oprah Magazine featured twice. It’s affordable, versatile, and the perfect addition to Super Mom’s everywhere. 

We can do this Super Moms of all types - Together, we can accomplish anything 
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