How to Accessorize Patterns

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The beauty of prints is that they are stylish on their own. However, if you add the right amount of bling, in all the right places, you’ve hit the big leagues (Hint: not like the cover photo). Accessorizing prints doesn’t have to be scary. Take some of our tips below to make your patterned looks more polished and of course more fashionable! Read on, ladies!

1. Balance Out The Print. Wearing floral jewelry with a floral print is a thing of the past. Pair a rock n roll black choker, with girlier prints to strike the perfect balance.

black choker - 7 Charming Sister

2. Don’t Get Too Matchy. Pull complimentary colors from the print, instead of the exact colors in the print. A put-together look is always better than matchy-matchy. A chunky gold cuff bracelet is always a perfect choice when accessorizing!

chunky gold cuff bracelet

3. Go Simple. Prints and patterns speak for themselves! If you stick with a simple silver necklace and a matching bracelet you won’t complicate the pattern.

simple silver necklace & bracelet

4. Don’t Compete. We don’t want a boxing match between your patterned shirt and that cute statement necklace. So pair your patterned top with a pair of crystal statement earrings or bracelets.

Crystal statement necklace, earrings or bracelets

5. Play Up Neutral Patterns With Solid Accessories. Some prints and patterns are now considered pseudo-neutrals, so bold colors really work with them. We’re thinking leopard print dress, black shoes and a sexy red bracelet and earringcombo!

sexy red bracelet & earrings


What jewelry do you wear with your patterned looks? Let us know below, we'd love to hear!


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