Every person is unique and every face shape is unique as well. Many years ago fashion created a guide on how to style your hair, clothing, and accessories based on your face shape. This idea of ‘face shape’ has long since pervaded the fashion industry and the decisions people make in those aforementioned realms. The trouble is, how do you determine what your face shape is? Hair stylists and many people who are very into fashion usually have the ability to quickly determine anyone’s face shape, but most of us find it a little difficult. I for instance, still have a hard time determining if I have an oval face shape or a round face shape. Or maybe I have a combination of the two?

After a little bit of research I have come up with a guide to determine your own face shape, and then determine what the best pearl earring style is right for you!

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Determining your face shape:

There are a total of six face shapes that people can typically align themselves into. They are, diamond, round, oval, heart, square, and triangle. There are many different ways that you can determine your own face shape and we have compiled a list of three of the most popular ways.

One of the ways to determine your face shape is to use a very mathematical process. Several articles that you can find online will tell you to get out a measuring tape, a piece of paper, and a writing utensil.

  1. There are four steps to this mathematical process first you will measure the width of your forehead from the furthest two points and at the widest part of your forehead. Then write down this measurement.
  2. Second you will measure the width of your cheekbones. To do this step you will want to measure from the outer corner of one of your eyes to the outer corner of your other eye and across the bridge of your nose. Then write down this measurement.
  3. Third you will measure your jawline. To do this you will measure from the base of your ear to the middle of your chin following the jawline. Then multiply this number by two to get the full measure of your jawline and write it down.
  4. Finally, you will measure the length of your face. To do this you will place the top of the tape measure to the middle of your hairline, and down to your chin, the tape measure should run on your nose. The write this final measurement down.

From these measurements you can determine what your face shape is based off of the ratios of the four measurements. The one that is the largest is usually the one that is the determiner of your face shape. (Guide to the face shape measurements is below).

The second popular way to determine face shape is to simply look in the mirror. Using the same idea as the first way, you will simply be looking for ratios of the different parts of your face. Since you are not using a tape measure, this way is more about eye-balling and rounding to what you believe. (Guide to determining the face shape is below).

Another popular way to determine your face shape is by using an app or a computer program to determine it for you. By uploading or taking a picture of yourself in a neutral mood, the algorithm will determine what it believes for you! These websites and apps do tend to be a little off sometimes, because they are computers but they still do their best to give you an accurate reading!

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Reading and Understanding your Measurements:

From all of these measurements and observations of your face, there are three factors that tend to determine the face shape: the widest part of your face, the length of the face, and the shape of the jaw.

Diamond Shape: For people with the diamond face shape the widest part of the face is the cheekbones. The face length is probably a medium sized length it is not typically very short or very long. Finally, the diamond shape is usually characterized by very angular jawlines.

Round Shape: For people with the round face shape the widest part of the face is the cheekbones. The face length is usually about or around the same measurement as the cheekbones and the jawline is usually rounder.

Oval Shape: For people with an oval face shape the widest part of the face is their cheekbones and forehead (which are usually similar widths). The length of the face usually tends to be quite long and the measurements tend to taper at the jawline. The jaw is usually round.

Heart Shape: For people with a heart shaped face the widest part of their face is the forehead. The length of the face tends to be shorter or average. The measurements decrease the lower on the face you go similar to an oval shape, but the jawline is usually quite angular and often comes down to a pointed chin.

Square Shape: For the square face shape, the length of the face is not a very important factor of this face shape, but the measurements across the width face tend to remain the same for forehead, jaw, and cheekbones. The jawline also tends to be angular.

Triangle Shape: For those with a triangle face shape the length is not that big of a factor. The widest part of the face however is. Often people with wide jawlines and smaller forehead widths tend to have triangle face shapes. The jawline is also usually angular.

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Choosing Earrings for Your Face Shape:

Now that you have determined your face shape, it’s time for the fun part! Choosing which earrings and what earring style is right for you! This list is by no means comprehensive, and should not be taken as the end-all be-all. We are just here to give you suggestions that will accentuate that gorgeous face of yours, but you do whatever you feel looks good!

Diamond Shape: With people who have diamond shaped faces the objective is often to create the appearance of soft edges and emphasize the gorgeous length. The best earring styles for this face shape are ones that are rounded or curvy. They should also be long and dangling. Hoops are a popular earring style for people with this face shape.

Round Shape: For round faces, the objective of your earring is to create the appearance of elongating the face, and offsetting the softness of the edges. Often time in order to create this look, long and angular earrings are used.

Oval Shape: For oval face shapes it is often easy to get away with any type of earring. Dangling, studs, and hoops are all in your realm! So go crazy!

Heart Shape: For those with a heart shaped face the objective is to create the illusion of balance that coincides with your face shape. A heart shaped face is wider at the forehead and slimmer at the cheekbones and jaw. Earring can bring balance to this by choosing ones that have a slimmer top and fan out at the bottom. Fan style earrings are a great option along with teardrop earrings.

Square Shape: The objective for those with square shaped faces is to soften the edges of the cheekbones and jawline. By using rounded and curvy earrings this illusion can be accomplished. Teardrop earrings and hoops are a must have for anyone with this face shape.

Triangle Shape: The objective with earrings in regard to the triangle face is to lengthen the face and not add more width to the jawline. Long and skinny earrings are a must-have. Thread earrings are a great option for people with this face shape!

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Pearl Earrings:

Whatever face shape you have and whatever style earring is your go to, this season you need to add pearls. Pearls are on the rise this season and you want to be in on this classic trend that is making a come-back. This doesn’t mean you have to wear classic pearl earrings, but you should definitely try to incorporate them onto your earrings somehow. There are so many classic and modern designs that can be found for pearl earrings. No matter what earring style and personal style you are looking for there is a perfect pair of pearl earrings just waiting.


Face shape has been a fashion must-know since the early 1900s. I hope that we at 7 Charming Sisters we able to help you discover yours and find a earring style that fits your personality well! Face shape is not a guidebook of how to live your life and make fashion decisions. Nothing is, really. That’s what makes it fashion. People are constantly looking outside of the boundaries of what fashion is currently to find the next big thing. Wear what makes you happy, wear what makes you feel beautiful! Until next time my gorgeous readers, stay beautiful!