What people don't want you to know about Faux Pearls!

A new season is just around the corner and we at 7 Charming Sisters are all about pearls! The popularity of pearls is on the rise, and you won’t want to miss out on this trend! Pearls have always been a classic must-have piece for any wardrobe, but pearls are expensive, and not everyone has a ‘real pearl’ budget. Faux (fake) pearls are the best alternative, and guess what, you can’t even tell when they are fake! Now you may be asking yourself, why should I wear faux pearls instead of real pearls? Well, not only do faux pearls look similar, they are actually cheaper and better for the environment!

Pearl Bar Necklace


How are pearls made?

Many people know that pearls come from oysters, but did you know how they are created? According to The Pearl Oyster , pearls are formed when an irritant gets under the shell of an oyster or mollusk and in order to get rid of it, the mollusk secretes a chemical that breaks down the irritant and creates a pearl. This process can take up to four years, for just one pearl! The likelihood of this happening however is so slim that it rarely ever happens in the wild naturally, that is why they are so valuable! But over the years, people have been able to create pearls by inserting an irritant into the mollusks shell by hand. These are what are known as cultured pearls.

Why not cultured pearls?

While cultured pearls do seem appealing, there is a few problems arising from this widely used practice. In order to create a cultured pearl, pearl farmers have to insert the irritant into the mollusk by opening up its shell and putting it in there. While this doesn’t necessarily harm the mollusk, it probably isn’t very healthy for the poor little guys. Secondly, in order to create a lot of pearls, farmers have to create big farms for the mollusks to be on while they make the pearls. The farms are created by using what is known as aquaculture. Aquaculture according to NOAA is the “the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of animals and plants in all types of water environments.” While this method is efficient it is not great for the environment. Therefore, not only are cultured pearls not as valuable, they may be harming the mollusks that create them, and the method of harvesting is not good for the environment.

Pearl Statement Necklace


Why faux (imitation) pearls?

Faux pearls are the cheapest and best way to get that classic look while also remaining environmentally friendly. The difference between faux and natural/cultured pearls is so small that many people cannot even recognize the difference. Luckily all of the jewelry on our website that have pearls, are imitation!

Imitation versus Natural/Cultured Pearls:

Imitation pearls and natural/cultured pearls are different, there is not disputing that. But, the difference is so minor that many people don’t even know when it is fake! Real pearls are a little bit grainy on the outside and when rubbed on your teeth, you can feel the grit. Imitation pearls are smoother and not gritty when rubbed on your teeth. Real pearls are a little bit more vibrant, but imitation pearls are almost just as vibrant. Only someone who really knows their stuff about pearls is going to be able to tell if you are wearing imitation.

How do I wear imitation pearls?

Just like you wear other pearls! Many of our gorgeous statement pieces include imitation pearls and are perfect additions to any wardrobe. Pearls are a classic piece of jewelry that remain modern and fresh to this day! They can be used to spice up any outfit or add a simplistic statement to any evening gown.

How to wear pearls!

Walking through a jewelry store or scrolling on an online website, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options and what to pair them with! That’s alright, even we do! We want to leave you feeling confident and self-assured, so here are a few tips for wearing faux pearl pieces!

Pearl Earrings:

pearl stud earrings

A simple yet classic statement piece of jewelry. A simple pearl stud earring is the epitome of class and simplicity, but they are easy to style in the office, at night, and for everyday! Check out our pearl stud earrings to wear this look!

If you are looking for a more elegant and sophisticated pearl look, pearl drop earrings are definitely the way to go. Paired with a gorgeous evening gown or a modern pantsuit, these earrings are sure to elevate your look from beautiful to stunning! Check out our pearl drop earrings or pearl bar earrings to wear this style!

Finally, when looking to add a little bit of a modern geometric touch to your style it’s easy to do with crystal and pearl earrings. This style can be paired with day, night, or work and is a great way to stay on top of trends while still remaining classy! Check out our crystal and pearl earrings or our pearl fan earrings!

Pearl Necklace:

Pearl Strand Necklace

Any woman needs to have at least one pearl necklace in her wardrobe. Pearl necklaces scream classic beauty! But that isn’t the only type of necklace that does that! While this post is all about pearls, if you want to step away from your comfort zone and find some great statement necklaces, check out our blog to find 4 Statement Necklaces to Get you Noticed! If you want to stick with pearls, a simple pearl bead necklace is always great for work or brunch! The pearl necklace is such a timeless piece of jewelry, we are sure you will want one no matter what your style is! Worn under a collared neckline it is perfect to create a sophisticated style. Our favorite for this classic look is the pearl choker necklace!

If you love pearls, but want more of a statement necklace style than you are in luck! It’s all about the necklace! A simple pearl necklace is gorgeous while remaining understated. A statement pearl necklace is sure to wow everyone! Worn with a boat neckline or a simple shirt and jeans this style is sure to impress! Check out our pearl strand necklace or pearl statement necklace.

Pearl Bracelets:

Pearl Bangle Set

A classy pearl bracelet is a simplistic piece of jewelry that adds to any wardrobe! If you want an understated addition of pearls to your outfit be sure to wear a pearl bead bracelet. The pearls will add shine and glam to any outfit. This style can be paired with any outfit choice from everyday to night to work!

A set of pearl stacking bracelets is the epitome of trendy and classy! Matched with any outfit and it is sure to add style, but match with an everyday outfit and you are bringing it to the new heights! Our favorite pearl bracelet set is currently on sale and is the perfect choice when you are going for this style!

Pearl Accessories:

Pearl Tassel Necklace

Everyone knows that pearl accessories are the best style to choose when wanting a classic and sophisticated look. But what do you pair them with? Pearl accessories look best and shine through on simplistic or monochromatic outfits! A timeless example of pearls stealing the show is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The white on black style and the pulled back hair showcases the true beauty of the pearls and of the wearer.

Pearls are gorgeous on their own, but paired with crystals and geometric designs is the current style! Layering pearls is a great way to take advantage of the trendy layering style while also remaining classy. A pearl tassel necklace is the ultimate way to style a gorgeous pearl necklace with an on trend style. Our Girl Meets Pearl Necklace is just that!


Pearls are the new hot item that are a must have this season and why not? They are a gorgeous, timeless, and classy piece of jewelry that is sure to match with any outfit. But, if you want to remain ecologically and bank account friendly you have to try our imitation pearls. They are a fraction of the price of real or cultured pearls and are just as beautiful to the naked eye! If you are still unsure about how to style them just remember simple is better! Pearls can make a statement without anything added to them, but if you are going for a classy but also on trend design, we have plenty of options! If you still feel like you need help be sure to visit our new personal assistant shopping service! It is free to use and we will help you pick out everything from bracelets to earrings to body jewelry!

I hope we have given you the tools you need to make an informed decision about the types of pearls and the style you will wear. We are always here to help! Until next time, my gorgeous readers, stay beautiful!

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