It’s wedding season once again, and brides are planning out their special days. Maybe that’s you or maybe you are just helping plan one; whatever your situation we are here to help out with a few ideas to make your wedding unique and personal.

Bride with Pearls

One of our favorite ways to bring together a wedding is through pearls! Yes you read that correctly, pearls. Pearls aren’t just for your grandmother anymore, they are back in fashion and they are as classy as they used to be! But pearls don’t have to be the classic style we are used to seeing anymore. More and more people are expanding the boundaries of pearl usage from new accessory designs but also where pearls are incorporated.

Something Old and Something New:

We all know the age-old adage. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue- these are all things that are a must-have on a bride’s wedding day. Well who says they each have to be their own thing? Why not take out three bird with one stone?

Brides around the country have been repurposing their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress for years, but what about their jewelry? A beautiful old piece of jewelry can be repurposed into a gorgeous and newly designed accessory for your wedding.

Maybe there is an old ring that your grandma gave to you that holds a special place in your heart, but just doesn’t represent your style. You don’t have to wear the ring as it is, but you can re-design it and make it represent your style while still retaining its sentimental value. You can do this with not only a ring, but any type of jewelry necklace, earring, bracelets and they can be made into almost anything you can imagine.

Pearl Bracelet

Many people repurpose jewelry into new jewelry, but you are not limited to this style. The different components can be dissected or melted down and created into something completely new.

Pearls in Other Parts of the Wedding:

Maybe you like the style of pearls and their classic nature, but don’t really think they go well with the dress you are imagining. You can still incorporate their classic beauty is subtle ways while making sure it is not the focal point- that’s the brides job.

Another popular idea that many people do with pearls is incorporate them into your bouquet. You can sprinkle them throughout the actual bouquet or attach them to the ribbon that holds the bouquet together.

Pearls and Flowers

Similarly, pearls can be incorporated into your centerpieces or the tableware. If you are using flowers then do the same thing like it was mentioned in the bouquet by sprinkling them in the flowers, or by adding them to the flower vase.

Because of their inedible nature many people do not think to even add pearls to their cake. Isn’t that a choking hazard?  What you may not know though is that there is such a thing as edible pearls. They make for a gorgeous subtle way to add them to your wedding without being too obvious. They also taste delicious.

Wedding Cake

Another way to incorporate pearls is to flawlessly make a backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of. A new trend with weddings is to rent a photo booth; this allows your guests to take home a memory to hang on their fridge from the wedding. Many people add a bucket of props that people can use in the booth to add a little bit of individuality or fun to their pictures. You could create a backdrop in the photo booth made of pearls, or add pearls to some of the props that your guests may use.

You could also add pearls to pretty much any of your wedding decorations! From the napkins to the chair backings, there is so much fabric just begging to be adorned in pearls. Or if you don’t want your decorations dripping in pearls, maybe just add it to your invitations. Perhaps seal the envelope with a pearl or add them to the actual invitation on the corner.

Pearl Ideas Based on Style:

Every style is unique and different, and that doesn’t go away on your wedding day. Many people feel as though they have to conform to the expectations of their family members or maybe just society, but this is your day! So make it reflect who you are. These are just a few of the more popular styles in the recent years and how you can incorporate pearls into your designs no matter what!

Vintage Bride:

Vintage Bride


This bride is one who brings history to her big day. The vintage style wedding can be any era of history you want it to be. Some of the more popular vintage ideas are based in the Roaring 20s or the 1950s. Usually this bride chooses a certain decade or year on which to base the style of the wedding.  

This style is usually characterized by using a vintage style dress with lace applique and stylized accents. The color pallette is usually more pastel and the flowers tend to be classic roses or simple carnations. From the hair to the venue anything that can be vintage will be!

This style is easy to incorporate pearls into since they were such a classic statement in previous decades. You can easily adorn yourself in the gorgeous gem or you can simply add it to your hair or flower bouquet.

Romantic Bride:

Romantic Bride

The romantic style is very similar to a classic wedding, but it is reminiscent of the great outdoors. Any form of nature is a must-have with a romantic style wedding.

This wedding is inspired by the great outdoors. Maybe the ceremony, the reception, or even the cocktail hour occurs outside and if it isn’t outside than the outdoors are usually brought inside. Flowers are adorned all over the space and the bride is often adorned in them as well.

Pearls are easy to incorporate into this wedding style as well. They can be pinned into the hair along with flowers or they can be attached to the dress itself. For the space they can be attached to the tablecloth or the centerpieces of the tables.

Modern Bride:

Modern Bride

The modern style is almost the complete opposite of the vintage style wedding. The modern style really relies on the style of the current time. Geometric shapes and popular colors are often incorporated into the decorations of the wedding.

Because geometric designs and colors are important aspects of the wedding design it is a very strong focal point of the wedding style. Fabrics and tactile objects are also very important in the wedding. Often metal and wood are incorporated in unique and odd ways.

Because of the modern style of the wedding it is a little bit more difficult to incorporate the pearl. White pearls are very classic, but just because pearls are incorporated doesn’t mean they have to be white. Pearls can be added to the wedding design. By attaching a pearl even a black pearl to different parts of the decorations.

Rustic Bride:

Rustic Bride

Rustic weddings have recently reached a peak in popularity. Wood and glass materials are often very important aspects in the design of the wedding. The rustic style has also been equated to a country style.

The rustic style is characterized by mason jars, string lights, boots, and often barn venues. The bride often wears cowgirl boots and cowboy hats are also often a staple. If you don’t want to go that far you can simply upcycle many ‘rustic’ things. Mason jars with flower bouquets as centerpieces are often a strong design aspect of this style.

Pearls are easy to add to many of these designs as well. Maybe a bouquet is wrapped in burlap and a few pearls are added to create a classic twist. An updo can also be created by using bobby pins with pearl endings.

Bohemian Bride:

Bohemian Bride

The bohemian style, also known as hippie style or boho style, is a common theme today that is rising in popularity. This style is for free-spirited brides and grooms who are looking to do something outside of the classic style.

The bohemian style is often characterized by natural elements like wood, flowers, feathers, and other natural materials. The bride usually wears a flowy dress and flowers in her hair. The reception and ceremony space are usually outside and natural elements take a center-role in the design of the wedding.

Since pearls are a natural element, they can easily be incorporated into the design of the wedding. They can be added to the tableware or easily be adorned on the bride herself.

Nautical/ Beach Bride:

Nautical Bride

Beach weddings and Nautical weddings have always been popular and remain so to this day. The venue is almost always near or on the water. The color palette tends to be bright and vibrant. Those who have always felt a strong connection to water often style their wedding in this way.

Beach weddings are characterized by Summer temperatures, sand, water, and nautical/beachy elements. The bride often wears a flowy dress that mimics the sway of the waves or the wind. Often outside or on a boat these weddings are classy and sophisticated.

Pearls are easily incorporated into this style as well, with their association with water they are almost an essential element of the design. They can often be found in the centerpiece with a floating flower on the top or adorning the bride.


Whatever your wedding style you can always add pearls to the design. They are a classic element that can be added to your wedding in a variety of ways. When planning a wedding one of the main aspects is the jewelry that the bride wears on her wedding day. And pearls are a classic, but sometimes they aren’t the right design choice on their own classic design. You can always re-design them or you can incorporate them into other aspects of the wedding. Until next time my beautiful readers, stay gorgeous!