Pearl-Inspired Halloween Costumes for all ages!

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is scrambling to find a last minute costume. You don’t have time to go to the store and get a costume. You just want something simple and effortlessly gorgeous to grab from your closet and win the costume contest! We at 7 Charming Sisters are here to help! Whether you have weeks to plan your costume or one day, we are here to give you some ideas. These 10 costumes (for adults and children alike) are stunning and inspired by the classic pearls of the season.

1. A flapper costume.

flapper costume

Pearls are the center image of the classic flapper costume. Flappers were the style icons of the roaring twenties. The iconic pearl bead necklace, short hemline, bob haircut, and radiant headband, are the perfect combination of a classy and simple outfit to wear for Halloween. If you take a stroll through any thrift store you will find a long pearl strand necklace. More than likely, you will also be able to find a flapper style dress and a headband as well! One trip to the thrift store or target can have your full Halloween outfit ready! A lot of people have many of these things in their closet, so it is easy to pull together last minute as well. A simple search on Youtube and a pack of bobby pins later and you can have the bob hairstyle as well! This is classy costume that is easy to create and is still seen every Halloween.

2. Ariel the Mermaid

mermaid costume

A classic Disney princess costume is always a go-to option for the artistic and theatrical person. A simple trip to the Halloween store will reward you with a classic Ariel the Mermaid costume. Or you can switch it up and do a genderbend or hipster or modern Ariel the Mermaid! All you need is to stay true to the color pallette and the red hair and you will be a gorgeous representation of the aquatic princess. And who is more reminiscent of a pearl then a mermaid? By adding a pearl necklace and earrings to this costume it brings the missing piece of the costume together, the ocean! If you have the time be sure to look at our pearl jewelry collection!


3. Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly costume

When you think of pearls, you think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly Golightly in her black dress, cigarette holder, pearls, gloves, and beehive hair is the epitome of sixties fashion. Audrey Hepburn’s character in this movie is the perfect example of classic beauty. Pearls are the statement piece of this costume and the makeup brings everything together. The simple black dress with stand-out white pearls is the black on white look that everyone admires and craves. This outfit is relatively simple to put together, a simple black dress and strands of pearls necklace is all you really need to make this costume work. To add that extra something special, find a tutorial for the beehive hairdo and DIY your own cigarette holder. If you really want to get particular, go to your local Halloween shop and find a pair of black gloves. This costume can be as simple or as complex as you make it, but one thing’s for sure, you can’t forget the pearls.


4. Girl with the Pearl Earring

Girl with the Pearl Earring

Pearl earrings are an absolutely essential part of this gorgeous costume! They are the centerpiece of the image and the defining part of the painting. Without her pearl earring who is she? This costume is super fun and easy for those art nerds out there. Using wood from the craft store and gold paint you can easily DIY a faux picture frame to hold and use in your pictures! Other than that all you need is a brown robe, a blue and gold scarf to wrap around your hair and a stunningly simple white pearl earrings. This costume is a piece of cake and you can get the things you need at the craft store or your local goodwill! It is sure to impress and is a unique costume that most people will not think of!


5. Janet Snakehole

Janet Snakehole

For all those Parks and Recreation fans out there this one is sure to tickle your fancy. In season 3 episode 6 of Parks and Recreation April Ludgate creates an alter ego known as Janet Snakehole. Janet is an aristocratic widow (who may or not have killed her husband). The costume is simple enough a black dress, a black netted veil hat, a cigarette holder, and pearls! Janet wears a simple single strand pearl bracelet and pearl necklace. Again, this is one unique costume that not a lot of people are going to have, and that is easy to throw together last minute!


6. Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy

“Pearls are always appropriate” Jackie Kennedy once said. Jackie Kennedy is known for her usage of pearls in her everyday outfits. This icon of the 1960s was known for wearing her triple stranded pearl necklace to almost every occasion. Worn with a classic 60s style dress and her signature hairstyle, you are sure to impress! You will look stunning and beautiful while also remaining sophisticated and true to the Halloween spirit. Just remember to not forget the pearls, they are an essential part of this costume.


7. Renaissance Woman


Renaissance Dress


Want to go over the top and win the costume contest? Dress up like a Renaissance woman! This is definitely a costume for that person who wants to be the most extra person there. You can make this costume as elaborate or as simple as you would like, but one thing you for sure will want is pearls somewhere! Whether it is in a hair net or on your dress, this one display of wealth is an absolute must. There are many costumes in the Renaissance style available for purchase online, but if you really want to customize them, get ready to take a trip to Joann’s fabrics! This type of costume is definitely one where you would need sewing experience if you are going to DIY it! With the renaissance dress, the hair net, braids, and a small heeled shoe it is the extra and fabulous costume you have always dreamed of.


8. Oyster and Pearl

Oyster and Pearl Costume

If you really want to get creative and spend hours on a craft, why don’t you try doing an oyster costume? Go back to the roots of the pearl, and dress up like the very animal who creates them. This costume is a little bit more hands on and definitely needs a time investment, so it is not recommended for someone who is trying to find a quick and easy idea, but it is worth the effort! This costume is a little bit different but you are sure to be the only one at the costume contest with this costume! Instructions on how to make this costume and a list of supplies you will need can be found on this third party website. You can read it by clicking here!


9. Pearl from Steven Universe

Pearl Costume

What better costume for a pearl inspired costume than the actual gem herself! Steven Universe has taken the world by storm in recent years. With it’s inclusivity of all relationship types, family types, genders and skin colors, this show is a new hit with the kids! Pearl is the leader of the gems, and she is known for her rigid understanding of the world and her organized manners. For this reason she is a strict but loving caretaker to Steven. Her style is very ballerina-esque and is pretty simple to put together, but one thing is for sure you can’t forget the giant pearl in the middle of her forehead. Pearl gets her power from her gem, and that’s one thing you can’t forget! To pull this costume all together all you need a pair of yellow shorts, a blue peplum shirt, a pearl for the forehead, and a pair of ballet slippers!


10. Pearl from Spongebob Squarepants

Pearl Spongebob

Another costume that we thought of when we were thinking of pearls is Pearl from Spongebob Squarepants. The sassy whale daughter of Mr. Crabs is a great and unique costume that is perfect for anyone. Spongebob is the cartoon that has survived for so long that it holds a place in the heart of multiple generations. Pearl is a bubbly cheerleader who lives for fluffy things and boys! She is the epitome of a teenage girl who loves the color pink. For this costume what you will need is a pink shirt with a brighter pink ‘P’ on it, a pink skirt, a pair of white sneakers, your hair in a ponytail and a pair of pom poms. Simple and easy to DIY it is a great costume for a little kid or an adults!


Whatever costume you are trying to wear this Halloween, we at 7 Charming Sisters want to wish you a happy Halloween. We hope that this guide helped ease you burden and gave you a great costume idea! Be sure to tag us in any pictures if we were able to help! Until next time, my gorgeous readers, stay beautiful!